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Upper Dolpo Trek


Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek is the mystical journey in the Himalayas close to the Tibetan and Nepal border. The region has breathtaking mountain ranges including the gigantic Mount Dhaulagiri. Trekking in this region is strenuous but with us the trip is a tale of mesmerizing memories.

The major highlights of the Upper Dolpo Trekking are ancient entities and wildlife. Namely Shey Gompa Monastery, Phoksundo Lake and Tibetan villages are major attractions. The region lies in the west north part of Nepal. Moreover, it has huge Tibetan influence. Majority of the people in Dolpo follow Buddhists and Bon Po.

The trekking along the Phoksundo River towards highlands of Phoksundo Lake is spectacular event of your trekking in Dolpo.  Phoksundo is the deepest lake of Nepal surrounded by forests and lofty snow covered peaks.

The diversified trail would give you insight towards the different types of forests environment from subtropical to alpine. The trekking passes by the traditional village of Ringmo across the cedar forest towards Palam. The route can be very attractive as you can observe the Lake and gigantic waterfall straight ahead.

These attractions motivate you to further extend your trekking to Upper Dolpo region. The region is ecologically very important. Nepal Government therefore placed it as restricted zone within the Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Relish the enchanting Himalayas. Experience the Himalayan lifestyle. Gather the mystical and mythical valleys’ remarkable natural splendors. It is definitely the most enticing journey up in the remote tranquil land of Nepal.

We are the trustworthy travel companion for the off the beaten trekking in Nepal. Book your Upper Dolpo Trek adventure trekking package now. Thus realize your dream to get acquainted with this beautiful Himalayan nation.

Outline Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival
Day 2 Fly to Nepalgunj
Day 3 Fly to Juphal; Trek to Dunai
Day 4 Trek to Ankhe
Day 5 Trek to Sulighat
Day 6 Trek to Phoksundo Lake
Day 7 Acclimatization
Day 8 Trek to Phoksundo Khola
Day 9 Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang
Day 10 Trek to Shey Gompa
Day 11 Acclimatization Rest in Shey Gompa
Day 12 Trek to Namduna crossing Saldang La Pass
Day 13 Trek to Saldang
Day 14 Trek to Yangze Gompa
Day 15 Trek to Sibu
Day 16 Trek to Jeng La Phedi
Day 17 Trek to Tokyu
Day 18 Trek to Dho Tarap
Day 19 Trek to Tarap Khola
Day 20 Trek to Khanigaon
Day 21 Trek to Tarakot
Day 22 Trek to Dunai
Day 23 Trek to Juphal
Day 24 Fly to Kathmandu Via Nepalgunj
Day 25 Departure

Detail Itinerary
Day 1

Upon your arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport, you will be welcomed by a delegate from Mantra Adventure who will drop you off at your lodging. At night an appreciated supper will be facilitated by Mantra Adventure. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 2
Fly to Nepalgunj

Today we catch our flight to Nepalgunj, a town close to the Nepal-India outskirt, is likewise the portal to Simikot, Humla. The town itself is an intriguing Terai town that features the assorted culture of Nepal. In Nepalgunj, we visit the neighborhood showcase, small zoo and adjacent towns. Overnight in Nepalgunj.

Day 3
Fly to Juphal; Trek to Dunai

We travel to Jhupal after breakfast. The town is wonderfully situated over the Himalayan foothills, with perspectives of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri crests to its north. Here, we meet our trekking staff and start the experience. We stroll through terraced fields to the Bheri River and its thin chasm. We keep strolling to Dunai, which is the regulatory headquarter of the Dolpo area. We investigate the residential area at night and camp there for the night.

Day 4
Trek to Ankhe

We leave Dunai and cross a suspension extension and swing toward the west after a trail past a doctor's facility. We escalate towards Thulo Bheri valley to ultimately land at Phoksundo valley. Amid the walk we get to the perspective of Kagmara Peak up the valley. We go through walnut forests, Dhera and Rahagaun towns, stroll down thick wildernesses lastly achieve Ankhe. Overnight in Ankhe.

Day 5
Trek to Sulighat

Our trail rises and plummets along a lush riverbank and trips on a lofty trail. The good and bad times can be somewhat tedious, yet there are a few streams en route that offer an opportunity to chill. The trail in the long run leaves the woodlands and goes through a green slant high over the waterway. We trek downhill on a trail encompassed by lavish woods previously achieving a precipice took after by a confounding drop on a flimsy stone staircase to the waterway bank. We keep trekking until the point when we achieve Sulighat where we spend the night.

Day 6
Trek to Phoksundo Lake

We proceed with our adventure along the valley floor to the conversion of the Phoksundo and Pungmo waterways. In the wake of intersection a scaffold, we stroll on the western bank of the Pungmo Khola. The trail goes through a cedar backwoods before achieving Palam town. From here we trek up to an edge and appreciate far off perspectives of Phoksundo Lake and a dynamite waterfall, one of the most astounding in Nepal. Next, our trail slips through birch timberlands to the upper ranges of the Phoksundo Khola, and afterward to the beautiful Ringmo town with its mud-put chortens and mani dividers. From here it is a short stroll to the shores of the Phoksundo Lake. Overnight at Phoksundo Lake.

Day 7

Today will be a merited rest day for acclimatization at Phoksundo Lake. Amid the day we can leave on a short climb to the town of Ringmo and it's Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Amid our short strolls, we likewise get an opportunity to get to know the neighborhood culture. The Dolpo individuals wear custom made apparel that is infrequently colored a maroon shading and they support Tibetan-style somba or dhocha (boots with upturned toes) for foot wear. The two men and ladies regularly wear religious special necklaces and strings of coral, golden and turquoise. Overnight at Phoksundo Lake.

Day 8
Trek to Phoksundo Khola

Our trail moves around the best western end of the Phoksundo Lake as it shapes on a rough edge along the lake's western bank. This shaky trail suspended on a path of wood bolstered on pegs crashed into precipice in the stones, flags the remoteness of the region we are going to enter. At the westernmost edge of the lake the way leads through a rich glade that opens up into the surge plain of the Phoksundo Khola. At that point we stroll through the valley, crossing the waterway and staying away from the infrequent boggy swamp underneath and afterward going ahead the bank of the stream to the overnight camp.

Day 9
Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang

For a hour or so we stroll on a trail that leads us along the level way through a cold valley which heads due north. At the conjunction of the Phoksundo Khola and another mountain stream, there is an old wooden scaffold. From here, we stroll towards the north-east. A long climb conveys us to a sheep glade where our trail veers up a precarious gorge. A hard move to the best brings us to yet another valley where we can see the Kang-La pass. We set up our camp close to the go in a place that Peter Matthiessen initiated 'Snowfields Camp'. Amid our trek today we additionally get the chance to appreciate the perspectives of Chhamlang crest 6 (6739m) and top 7 (6105m).

Day 10
Trek to Shey Gompa

In the morning, we rise on a lofty trail covered with slate towards the pass. The move to the highest point of the pass is very strenuous. From the highest point of Kang-la pass we get magnificent perspectives of the extensive valley analyzed by a spouting stream. We plunge to the valley floor on a precarious trail. Next, we stroll on a winding trail along the banks of a waterway, intersection and re-crossing it a few times. There are mud holes coating the slopes sitting above the waterway. We additionally go through knolls where we see brushing yaks, many sheep and residential mountain goat (Chyangra). In the wake of intersection an interesting log connect we come to the Shey Gompa compound where we will be spending the night.

Day 11
Acclimatization Rest in Shey Gompa

Shey Gompa was worked in 1655 and the religious community is noted for its mammoth copper with plated gold statue of a situated Shakyamuni Buddha. Toward the east of the gompa is Crystal Mountain which is one of the most interesting mountains, as its distorted precipices are bound with quartz and installed with a rich assortment of marine fossils. Today is another all around earned rest day for acclimatization. We spend the day climbing around Shey town which is popular for its antiquated pre-Buddhist culture, the Bon Po. In Dolpo the old Tibetan lifestyle joins animism with the instructing of Buddha. Overnight in Shey Gompa.

Day 12
Trek to Namduna crossing Saldang La Pass

We start the day by following a wonderful trail in the midst of juniper trees which slides into a dark, stony ravine. At that point the way starts to crisscross finished exposed rocks and coarse dissolved soil until the point when it in the long run conveys us to the highest point of Saldang-la pass. The resulting drop towards the north is long and tiring however brushing yaks and sheep, and roaming tents produced using yak hair is a consoling sight. In Namduna Gaun we visit Namgung religious community. The red stone monstery is worked against the background of a precipice on the north mass of a crevasse. Overnight in Namuda Gaun.

Day 13
Trek to Saldang

We leave the town and ascend an incline and start a long stroll along dusty infertile mountains. Following 3-4 hours of hard climb, we start to see Saldang Village underneath us on a level high over the Namga Khola stream. It has a beautiful appearance. Saldang is the biggest town of the internal Dolpo zone. The town extends for almost two kilometers on an open slant and comprises of five towns having around eighty well-assembled houses with about six hundred individuals. It is a prosperous town agronomically as well as for its vital area on an exchange course to Tibet. Overnight in Saldang.

Day 14
Trek to Yangze Gompa

From Saldang, we walk assist north along the Nagon Khola (waterway) on a wild and desolate landscape. We start our stroll on a genuinely continuous way with few good and bad times. In transit, we go through Marang and Ki towns. Next, we cross a tributary of Panzang River and stroll towards the east and cross the stream again before achieving Yangze gompa which houses an old Bon-Po Monastery. Overnight in Yangze Gompa.

Day 15
Trek to Sibu

From Yangze, there are two trails that associate with Sibu. To spare time we will remember the way back towards Saldang town, which will be substantially simpler and shorter than the other course. From Saldang we stroll along a stream and go through terraced fields, stupas, chortens, stacks of mani stones and a Chaiba religious community, at that point go through the Namdo town, which is additionally prosperous, with around sixty houses having almost 400 occupants. It extends for more than 5 km on the high inclines to one side of Nam Khong Khola. The Namdo cloister is situated close to the stream bed. Our voyage proceeds additionally down the waterway for an additional two hours to camp close to a little settlement of Sibu.

Day 16
Trek to Jeng La Phedi

We stroll along the Nam Khong Khola for some time and go via bands with yaks that are moving towards the Tibetan fringe. In the wake of turning east and strolling for some time, we touch base at a conversion of two little streams. Next, the lofty trail climbs to a touching region beneath the Jeng La pass (4,900m/16,072ft). Our camp will be set up in this delightful glade. Overngiht in Jeng la Phedi.

Day 17
Trek to Tokyu

We rise at a young hour in the morning and put forward on the present trek. It will take us two extend periods of time to achieve the highest point of the Jeng La go from where we get wonderful perspectives of the north face of the Dhaualgiri massif. From here we plummet on an unpleasant trail to the Tarap Valley, a captivating valley with tremendous fields in high mountains that expands twenty kilometers along Tarap Chu waterway. We camp near the cloister at Tokyu.

Day 18
Trek to Dho Tarap

We trek downhill on a plain valley with patches of lavish grass on the two sides of the waterway which is totally not the same as different parts of inward Dolpo. There is additionally a swamp which is a typical element in the Desert Mountains of Tibet and the Ladakh Himalaya. Both the Bon Po and Buddhist orders are rehearsed in the valley. After a short trek, we achieve Dho Tarap). Overnight in Dho Tarap.

Day 19
Trek to Tarap Khola

From Tarap we plunge towards a wide valley which in the long run limits into a canyon. We stroll along juniper and wild flower shrubs simply over the tree line. On our trek we see groups of blue sheep and by the evening, we achieve the intersection of the Tarap Chu and the Lang Khola, a stream that joins with Tarap River from assist east. We will make our camp on a pleasant glade otherwise called Kamakharka and spend the night.

Day 20
Trek to Khanigaon

We keep strolling down the canyon of the Tarap River, now and again nearby it. Amid our walk we go by the neighborhood individuals will's identity taking their groups to bring down fields for the winter. This will be a standout amongst the most energizing days of this excursion as the valley turns out to be so restricted in a profound crevasse that in a few spots we can bounce starting with one side then onto the next. Once in a while there is no hint of a way and we may need to stroll crosswise over stone chunks fitted on sign in the middle of the dividers which go about as an extension. The crevasse likewise gives startling experience and excites. At a few places, the scaffolds are either harmed or washed away and we might be compelled to cross the frigid downpour by walking. At long last, we achieve our outdoors spot close to the Tarap Khola at Khanigaon where we spend the night.

Day 21
Trek to Tarakot

From the camp we take after a trail that takes us to the town of Lalberi. Our trail at that point goes through a lavish backwoods, plunges into another chasm and keeps on following the waterway once more. Subsequent to achieving Tarakot, we can visit Sandul Gompa which lies around 8 km east of the town at a crossroads of Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu. The religious community remains on a slope toward the south of Bheri River. Today we camp by the Tarap Chu stream around 150 meters beneath Tarakot, close to the police post. Overnight in Tarakot

Day 22
Trek to Dunai

We start our trek on a trail behind the Bheri River before intersection a scaffold close to the Lawan town. Our trail will proceed nearby the huge Bheri Rriver rising until the Byas Gadi. From here the trail moves towards the west on a moderately simple trail. We cross the waterway again close to the Lochakhola Gaon and rise to Dunai for an overnight remain. The present trek will for the most part be on a superb canyon with pine trees. Overnight in Dunai.

Day 23
Trek to Juphal

Fron Dunai, we trek along the Bheri River getting a charge out of the excellent scene. In transit, we go through Dhupichaur and Rupgad towns and in addition a sanctuary. We keep trekking by means of Kalagaonda town and Motipur town before achieving the little airstrip. Overnight in Jhuphal.

Day 24
Fly to Kathmandu Via Nepalgunj

We take the soonest flight from Jhupal to Nepalgunj. After achieving Nepalgunj, we profit to Kathmandu for the following accessible flight. Subsequent to touching base in Kathmandu, we will be exchanged to our lodging. There is nothing to do except for exchange messages with travel mates and sort out the photographs. To commend the effective fulfillment of our voyage, we will have a goodbye supper facilitated by Us. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 25

Our Airport Representative will drop you off at the airport for the final departure.

Whats included in this tour

Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.

  • • Airport Pick Up & Drop in private transportation
  • • Trip Briefing, Pre-preparation & Counseling
  • • Government Taxes & Office Service Fees
  • • All Permits & Entrance Fees
  • • Overnight Accommodation at Hotel (During Stay in City) Room & Breakfast basis
  • • Complimentary Welcome or Farewell Dinner/Lunch
  • • Accommodation in Teahouse/Lodge/Hotel as per availability during trip
  • • 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) with Tea & Coffee during trip
  • • Experienced Government License Holder Trekking Guide and Local Porters
  • • Trekking Guide & Porter Salary
  • • Flight or transportation charge of Crew members if applicable
  • • Trekking Crew members’ Insurance
  • • Air and Ground Transportation to – from (Ktm – Destination – Ktm)
  • • Additional In-trip services (clerical and personal)
  • • First Aid Medicinal Kits
  • • Trekking Bags & Trekking Route Maps
  • • Trip Completion Certificate

Whats Exclude in this tour

Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.

  • • All Meals stated other than on Itinerary
  • • Personal Travel Insurance; You need to get mandatory insurance to travel to certain areas of Nepal
  • • International Flight and all transportations before meeting our representatives
  • • Nepal Visa and other government formalities not related to your trip
  • • All kinds of beverages including water
  • • Wifi Internet, Hot Showers and trunk calls during the trip
  • • Personal Equipments
  • • Personal Expenses and food items beyond stated on itinerary
  • • Tips & Gratuities for the Trip Crew members


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