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Wildlife Tour

Wildlife Tour in Nepal is the best wilderness holiday activity. There are numerous woods and forest area in Nepal where adventure tour can be organized. Government of Nepal have conserved and listed the various places of Nepal as national park or wildlife conservation area. Nepal Hiking Himalaya offers you unlimited wilderness package to witness wildlife of Nepal.

Nepal in local dialect is referred as “hariyo ban Nepal ko dhan” is materialized because of unlimited forests in Nepal. From vegetation diversity to the endangered species of animals and birds; Nepal is perfect natural country. You can find lots of different vegetations.

There are various forest environments here in Nepal. You can find the sub tropical forest belt to the alpine belt forest can be found. Because of such variations in the forest environment you can savor the different species of birds and animals. Wildlife Tour in Nepal could be amazing journey to understand the culture of the people residing in the jungle. The Chepang Hill Trekking can be done while touring the wildlife of Nepal.

The nomads of Nepal this Chepang ethnic people are still practicing the stone aged method of living. From traditional lifestyle to the less known to the outer world these traits can be explored during your wildlife tour of Nepal. Besides Chepang ethnic people you can observe the Tharu origin of community. Chitwan Jungle Safari tour and the Bardiya Wildlife Conservation can be best for such cultural tours.

The forest of Khumbu region and Langtang region could be place to witness the Tibetan Sherpa culture. The rare Red Panda to the tigers and one horned rhino can be found in Nepal. About 900 species of birds, unlimited butterflies, vegetations and various herbal plants can be found in Nepal.

Nepal Hiking Himalaya offers the Wildlife Tour in Nepal package to witness the majestic forest environment of Nepal. There are numerous wetlands and lowland forests. You can always choose bird watching tour, jungle safari and forest walk packages.