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Get Your Nepal Trekking Holidays

Get Your Nepal Trekking Holidays

The Year 2020! I don’t want to remember at all. As a travel planner and tour operator the year is worse experience. However, it taught me many things. Since 2007 I am continuously working in the trekking field of Nepal. I had never assessed my way of trekking. Moreover, the year 2020 made me reassess the trekking routes and services. Almost half of the year i was stuck at home. In the meantime I started knitting the best possible trekking holidays packages. As it says boon in disguise, 2020 helped me knit best itineraries. Get your Nepal Trekking Holidays for late 2021 and 2022. Let’s just get repose from all these pandemic hustles. Let’s rejoice and revitalize our soul by wandering around the Himalayas of Nepal.

As almost every sectors across the globe got affected, people are in search of break. The most important thing is to revitalize the soul. The mental scars and physical tardiness are the common problems. In order to get away from such hassles it is wise to do trekking holidays in 2021.

It is even more best for the travelers to visit Nepal. It is the home of more than 19000 snowy mountains and second richest country in water resources.

The blog focuses on the various factors which travelers need to know before buying holiday packages for 2021/22. As a travel planner I am writing this blog for the assistance of every travelers.

How to Get Nepal Trekking Holidays for 2021?

In every small or big trip the first decision is key. I have been hearing lots of cancelled plans when it comes to traveling. Moreover, the right timing and right group of people is what needed for the successful trip.

Please read my blog entirely to wipe out any kinds of dilemma regarding the trekking vacation destination. Trekking is not just a random trip. It requires crew members and proper planning. Here are the few guidelines that any trekkers should consider.

Right Trekking Agency

Trekkers must choose the right trekking agency. Always search and ask for the proper legitimacy of the agency. For any trekking agency to become legitimate the agency must be registered at Nepal Government.

There are other agencies too which the trekking agency must get registered. Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board & Company Board. Moreover, the agencies without these documents as well as Foreign Currency Exchange License can’t operate the trips.

In terms of any kinds of emergencies these organizations are not liable. Therefore, it is very important for any trekkers to choose the right trekking agency.

After the decision of trekking agency trekkers need to find the best trekking routes. After such a calamitous year I recommend travelers to invest smartly on trekking trip. Smart investment means more attractions and more chance of creating the mesmerizing travel tale at reasonable budget.

2020 has definitely taught us to understand the value of money. Therefore, maximum worth is the number on priority in any kinds of activities. The blogger insists you to get Nepal Trekking Holidays for 2021 as per the following recommendations.

Highly Recommended Nepal Trekking Routes for 2021

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Early signs of 2021 are very encouraging. Lots of peak climbing and expeditions groups are coming to Nepal for 2021. Therefore, Everest Region of Nepal is the first pick/recommendation. The region is quite and also has very less traffic.

It definitely helps trekkers to forget all their mental scars. As the cool breeze of air coming out of Mt. Everest kisses your cheek, you will forget everything.

The fact check on the number of COVID cases on Solukhumbu district is almost null. Moreover, the Upper Khumbu region of Nepal is free of Covid cases even during the pandemic.

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Domestic trekkers have started doing trekking on this trail. Since October 2020 Nepalese people have started visiting the destination. Therefore, it is wise to visit these places. Nepal Government is also very lenient for those traveling to these places. In fact the host lodges as well as locals are very aware about the safety. Almost every touristic activities are done within the accepted safety parameters.

The pandemic seems long gone in these parts of Nepal. Along the route Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Mardi Himal Trek and Home Stay trekking are highly recommended.

Apart from these two trekking routes i recommend tranquil off the beaten trails too. Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpo Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek etc. are the trails with less number of people. It offers trekkers the enchanted and untainted wonders of Mother Nature.

Peak Climbing in 2021

If you want to get Your Nepal Trekking Holidays for 2021 then choose peak climbing. There are countless groups coming for peak climbing in 2021. This adventure is both trekking and mountain climbing. Moreover, it is an activity which is done together with specific group only.

There is less chance of contact with new people. Most of the time the trekkers spend their time up in the mountains only.

The first group to do expedition and peak climbing in Nepal during 2020 – 2021 is Bahrain Prince’s Group. After the visit lots of people are attracted towards peak climbing. Therefore, choose it.

Blogger wants to share some of the benefits for you to get your Nepal Trekking Holidays for 2021.

  • Lesser Price for accommodation & transportation
  • Hygienic Practice among crew members
  • Untainted Destination
  • Less Traffic
  • Increased Hospitality sense among Locals.

These are the few benefits for the travelers in terms of budget. However, there is much more reason for people to do trekking in 2021/22.

2020 made us sit still at home. It brought us back to ground reality. Moreover, the pandemic taught us the power of nature. Let’s experience the beauty of Mother Earth. Nepal is an ideal destination. It has mountains, culture & architecture. It suits well.

Let’s leave all our sadness. Breathe the chill pure mountain air. The talk of negativity has to stop. As a human being we deserve better. If not now then when? Mark twain said that those who stay at home read only one page of book called life. Therefore, come and get your Nepal Trekking Holidays for 2021/22.

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