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When is the best time to visit Nepal?

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Nepal is the number one destination for any kinds of holiday activities. It is possible to do diverse vacation activities in Nepal. They are adventure, leisure, family, honeymoon, trekking, peak climbing, day tours, hiking and expedition. Lots people though are still confused about the best time to visit Nepal. Therefore, this blogger has tried to relay the information about the traveling in Nepal according to months.

There are 4 seasons in Nepal of each containing 3 months. Nepal is among few countries of the world which experiences the four seasons of equal lengths. Seasons in Nepal are Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.

Winter Season (December, January & February): When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Nepal’s winter season lasts for three months and is between months of December to February. High altitude trekking in Nepal is not possible during winter season. For example three high passes trek, amphulapcha pass trek etc. are not suitable for winter trekking. However, Everest Base Camp Trek is possible to do in winter.

Some wilderness adventure seekers prefer to trek on this season. This is due to the fact that they want to witness the snowfall as well as thrill of walking to unknown. However, if you are in search of more relaxing and leisurely trekking holiday, try some winter trails okay to trek during winter. For Example, Mardi Himal Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Valley Trek etc.

Spring Season (March, April & May)

Spring season in Nepal is blissful. It is the time for many flowers to bloom. Therefore, if you are on a trekking trails of Nepal during this period of time, you will get the outstanding scenery as well as the experience of flora/fauna. Moreover, rhododendron forests which are in almost every trekking trails of Nepal make the trail colorful. The blooming flowers and clear sky make this season the best time to visit or trek in Nepal.

Every trekking trails of Nepal are best to trek during this season in Nepal.

Monsoon Season (June, July & August)

June and July are two full months of monsoon. However, later half of August is early autumn. Therefore, if you don’t like rainy season then trek in Nepal from later days of August. However, you can trail some low altitude treks where there is no smaller streams to cross. It is because the streams in rainy season are hard to cross and it is risky too. There is high chance of landslide and flood too. Therefore, it is not advised to do exclusive trekking during this time of the year.

Autumn Season (September, October & November)

It is the festive time of the year in Nepal. You can get the best view of mountains (climate is clear), celebrate Nepal’s two biggest festivals (Dashain & Tihar) and relish the warm climate. Therefore, Autumn season in Nepal as well as Spring season are considered as the best season to do trekking in Nepal.

So, When is the best time to visit Nepal?

These are my general suggestions. However, you can trek throughout the year in Nepal. The most important thing for you to decide where to trek is the decision to hire an agency. Contact travel planners of Nepal Hiking Himalaya and get all the necessary trip ideas and tips. 

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