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Has Corona Virus Affected Travel for Vacations in Nepal?

Has Corona Virus Affected Travel for Vacations in Nepal?

No, Corona Virus hasn’t affected the daily life of Nepalese people. So far there is no any cases of virus affected people in Nepal. The Airport and Nepalese Government officials are working tirelessly to prevent the nation from such chaotic virus outbreak.

Corona Virus has tolled several lives in Asian continent especially in China. However, its effects are slowly grasping the economy as well as travel pattern of many people. Nepal is highly dependent on remittance and tourism. The outbreak of virus has halted the progress of Nepalese Tourism Market.

There is not even a single case of Corona Virus patient. Moreover, Nepalese Government has initiated the preventive actions as well. Tourism Ministry, Health Ministry and Transportation Ministry of Nepal have issued the directives about Nepal being safe to travel.

Has Corona Virus Affected Travel in Nepal?

It has. Unfortunately, lots of people who are planning to come to Nepal has cancelled their trip. The blogger however stresses that Nepal is completely safe to travel. The worldwide whim has played significant role in people’s mind about the travel situations.

Lots of international agencies and embassies present in Nepal too has declared. Nepal is safe to live or travel to. Therefore, to all the travelers across the globe, it is completely safe to travel. While doing informal conversation with friends from abroad i always get one question. Has Corona Virus Affected Travel in Nepal? My honest answer is that Nepal is safe to travel and you can visit anytime.

Come and Visit Nepal. The country is safe from Corona Virus. If you want to talk more about the current situation of Nepal please give us a call. We are available to answer your queries. Call us at +977 9841683501 during office hours. Moreover, we have Korean Speaking and English Speaking experts. You can ask for any of these people.

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