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Nepal is perfect for Photography Tour

Nepal is perfect for Photography Tour

Do you like to capture iconic pictures? If yes, NEPAL is perfect for any types of photography. Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Nature and Architectural photography are possible. Nepal is perfect for Photography Tour because of Natural wonders, architectural masterpieces and multi cultural attractions make.

Here are the few reasons which make Nepal perfect for Photography Tour.

  1. Mountains, Rivers & Lakes
  2. Hills, Landscape & Grassy Meadows
  3. Multi Ethnic & Multi Cultural People
  4. Century Old Architecture
  5. Diverse Wildlife & Diverse Vegetation

Mountains, Rivers & Lakes

Nepal is home of over 19000 snow – capped mountains. It includes world’s 8 tallest mountains over 8000 meter height. Mt. Everest, Manaslu, Makalu, Lhotse, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, etc. are top ten mountains of the world.

There are plenty of glacial rivers. Moreover, Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water resources. Winding rivers through valleys and hills along with the blue turquoise lakes make Nepal best for mountain/river/lake photography.

Hills, Landscape & Grassy Meadows

Nepal has three geographical belts which are Terai, Hills and Mountains. These three different styles of geography creates the natural canvas. Landscape photography is at the ultimate best. You can capture stunning pictures; there is no doubt in it.

Photographers can enjoy the nature’s delight too. Cascading hills and grassy meadows make the best picture. Moreover, in today’s social media and instagram world, Nepal provides the best platform.

Multi Cultural & Multi Ethnic People

Nepal is home of more than 100 ethnic people. It is a single garden of multiple flowers. Explore any villages! Walk any alley! You will find story in every corner of Nepal.

People are friendly and follow traditions seriously. Still photography is at the best. People of different origin offers different side of people. Hilly, Mountain and Terai faces are best to capture different emotions. In one single trip to one small village, you can get countless tales.

Century Old Architecture

Nepalese temples and palaces are famous across the world. Design and decor of these temples and palaces are local creation. Many ancestors of Nepalese people have made the country famous in abroad too. For example, Araniko is the national luminary. He flourished Nepalese style of Pagoda temples in China, Myanmar, Tibet etc.

Witness the lavish craftsmanship. Get the best pictures of old and traditional monuments. Nowhere in the world, you will find the temples more than houses. There is a saying about this too. For example, in every corner of Kathmandu, you will find a temple.

Plan your photography tour in Nepal’s UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES. There are many award winning pictures shot in these sites of Nepal.

Diverse Wildlife & Diverse Vegetation

Sub-tropical, temperate deciduous forests, alpine / sub – alpine forests and tundra are the vegetation present in Nepal. These different styles of forests are home of unlimited wildlife.

You can take the pictures of Bengal Tiger to Himalayan Thar. From red panda to deers and dolphin to rare birds; you can get the outstanding photography moments.

Visit Nepal. Plan the photography tour. All these attractions are possible to visit in less than a week. Therefore, Nepal is perfect for photography tour.

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